I enjoy working with individuals, couples, and families who are trying to get “unstuck” from chronic, unresolved conflicts or patterns of behavior. Whether it’s breaking free from an addiction or forgiving an old resentment, I work with clients to remove constraints that keep them from living in a spontaneous, joyful way. I also do a lot of work with clients who have been spiritually abused by others, or clients who are trying to define healthy boundaries in relationships.

My specialty helping people in conflict to find common ground in order to resolve conflicts and find a collaborative way to get to a “win-win” relationship. I often describe myself as an English translator, because I find that people in conflict feel like their partner is speaking a different language.

As a developmental psychologist, I focus on how gender, religion, culture, and family of origin combine to impact your sense of who you are and how you fit into the world. I enjoy integrating mindfulness and other spiritual disciplines into my practice to help you find what works for you.

I am committed to engaging people from diverse backgrounds to collaborate in creating community, resolving conflicts and promoting social change by sharing knowledge and developing leadership.

Professionally and personally all pursuits arise from a trust in God and the intention to represent Christ to others. I’m the father of a 3 year old little girl and have discovered that my capacity for compassion is exponentially greater with her in my life. I’m a fan of the Dutch national soccer team, a life long music lover and always enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee. If you want to really make me happy (and fat?), bring me a Fat Mo’s burger and a slice of cheesecake. (But it’s worth noting that as a licensed professional counselor, it is unethical for me to accept gifts from clients.)

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